Ready to Build Fire Pit Kits

As the fall of Alaska passes and winter is fast approaching you may be in the market for a fire pit kits. The style of these fire pit kits are ideal for winter or summer months! Our kits are palatalized and wrapped and ready to go. Contact Davis Block & Concrete to get introductory pricing on our Fire Pit Kits today!

fire pit kits

Ready-to-Build Kits
Highland Stone Fire Pit Kits

  • 16 each 12″ Block
  • 28 each 6″ Block
  • 11 Cap Block
  • 28 each Firebrick 4-1/2 x 9″
  • 1 each 29 oz. adhesive
  • Installation directions

To order your kit, contact our sales office. (Palletized & Wrapped)