One Step Building System ( CFMU )

What is One Step Building System ( CFMU )? It’s a ‘Concrete Form Masonry Unit,’ and Davis Block & Concrete is an authorized distributor for this exciting, patented product!


The OneStep Building System is a holistic, high performance building product whereby the entire exterior structure of a building can be built using only ONE product, ONE trade and ONE Step! It’s design is adapted from a concrete form masonry unit One Step Building System (CFMU). OneStep combines the beauty of masonry, the strength of concrete and the energy efficiency of polystyrene insulation into a singular building product, which dramatically simplifies the construction process and reduces the environmental impact of high performance buildings.

What’s the Difference of One Step Building System (CFMU)

  • Safety
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Mason Friendly
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Superior Sustainability
  • Value (Time & Money)

The patented One Step Building System Block (CFMU), has been designed and engineered to offer the best performance characteristics of any singular building product available on the market.

Although OneStep looks like standard concrete block or brick on the outside (and are laid up by masons using standard mortar and masonry installation techniques) the webs and cells of a typical block have been replaced by internal plastic connectors and a rigid insulation insert.

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Download the One Step Building System ( CFMU ) One Step Flyer

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