Holland Pavers

holland paversWith a utilitarian appeal, holland pavers, are a practical choice for both commercial and residential paver needs. With great strength, durability and color choices, holland pavers has the highest popularity among contractors and the DIY’ers. With a very basic shape and form, allowing for a multitude of layout possibilities for your next project. Standard design layouts such as 40 degree herringbone, 90 degree herringbone, basket weave, and modified basket weave are just a start to the endless design possibilities. Take a look at our holland pavers colors and optional patterns below and get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs!

Holland Pavers Sizes

Size: 4 x 2-3″/8 x 8″
Weight: 7 lbs
480 blocks per Pallet
Price: $1.05/each (4.5 pieces cover one sq ft)